A Weekend in Nashville

Full disclosure - all of this didn't actually happen in one weekend as you can tell by my various hair colors! Eric and I went to Nashville last September for a friend's wedding (my first time there!). Unfortunately, we learned of a dear friend's passing the same weekend, my phone broke (meaning I lost a tone of pictures from our first day), and I left feeling very upset about our time there. 

I had no intention of posting about the trip, but I returned to Nashville a few weeks ago with some friends to run the Rock n' Roll Nashville Half Marathon (which is a great way to see the city might I add). While there, I was reminded just how vibrant, kind, and FUN this city is. It is definitely worthy of a post to remember my time there! I was so tired after my race and stopped taking photos, so between the two trips we've got the ideal list of cool things to do in a Nashville weekend. Can't wait to return and explore Nashville more!


We stayed in Germantown our first trip and spent a good bit of time there on my last trip. I'd definitely recommend staying here again! Lots of great restaurants, shops, coffee, and located super close to downtown.

Sadly, I lost most of my photos from the beautiful Steadfast Coffee - but trust me, this place is GOOD. Hopefully you can tell from this beautiful yogurt bowl.

I loved exploring Jack White's Third Man Records - lots of kooky things to do in there and I picked up some awesome vinyls.

It was Marine Week while we were there in September so there were lots of cool events going on. Eric and I stumbled on some Ospreys, tanks, and other machines that folks could walk inside and get tours of - so cool to see up close!

The #1 thing I HAD to do in Nashville was tour Hatch Show Print. Designer or not, I highly recommend getting a tour of this famous letterpress shop that's created show posters since 1879.

Showing how they piece together larger pieces like these campaign posters was fascinating.

As a bonus on the tour, you get to create your own print - which is a fun way to learn about the process.

How cute are our prints?!

Buthertown Hall. BUTCHERTOWN HALL. I loved it here. Sadly, I lost all my photos except this one of a slab of meat, but I think it speaks for itself.

One of my favorite things about this city are the murals EVERYWHERE. I spotted about 20 more that I'd like a photo in front of :)

The convention center in Nashville is pretty dreamy...

Find friends that will have their wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Best views of the city! And yes, Eric bought a bolo for this wedding.

On my second trip out we spent an entire afternoon wandering around the Gulch, a neighborhood southwest of downtown. I highly recommend grabbing a meal at Whiskey Kitchen (I love any place that will serve you mac and cheese in a cauldron), grabbing a drink at The Pub, and checking out all the amazing murals.

Little Ocotopus has been one of my cocktail/Instagram bucket list items for awhile now. It was SO dreamy ya'll. I hear they make an excellent burger, so I will be back!

Ahh Broadway...it's a must. I conveniently have no photos from my time on this street :) I loved visiting the dueling piano bar, Big Bang, exploring all the levels of Acme, catching the burlesque show at Skull's Rainbow (technically a little off Broadway), and grabbing a 3am slice from Luigi's.

On our final day of the trip we headed to 5th and Taylor in Germantown for brunch. This place was AMAZING. From the space, to the art covering the walls, and of course the food.

After brunch we biked over to a nearby antique shop (how great are B-Cycles?!). Bits & Pieces was filled with a mix of cool clothes and jewelry, and awesome little antiques like this. I scored a teeny greyhound statue and awesome brass hook.

Of course we couldn't have ended the trip without a visit to this mural. Till next time Nashville!