3/5 | Monday Diaries

Holy cow, it's already Monday again and it's MARCH?! This year is definitely flying by. This past weekend was a crazy one as we had my baby shower, and had a lot of family and close friends come into town. It was so much fun (and crazy trying to get the house ready), that now I'm wiped! I'll have a post up later this week with all the details from the shower :)

1. While I've definitely been slowing things down, my meetup is still happening folks! My co-organizer, Bermon, is talking tomorrow about Applying design principles to Interfaces. FusionConf: UX Edition is also coming up at the end of this month with a lot of great local folks speaking. I've also been getting together a killer lineup for the Design edition in June! 

2.  I'm all about this Amsterdam grocery store that is offering items for sale without plastic (in addition to bulk goods). While I don't have high hopes for something like that opening near me, I'm patiently awaiting a Whole Foods to be finished uptown so I can at least buy bulk dry goods again! 

3. Pretty sure baby girl doesn't need any clothing after the shower this weekend, but I'm still so in love with these simple dot onesies

4. Local to Charlotte and looking for a good volunteer opportunity? I'm participating in this next week! I helped out with an Operation Sandwhich event last year and couldn't believe what an easy yet impactful thing it was to do. Super excited to be doing it again.  

5. With baby on the way, I'm definitely on a streak of making sure the products in our home are natural. I love this quick list of products - and I'm especially looking forward to trying out the stain and wipe solutions.