3/12 | Monday Diaries

Happy Monday! Trying to be positive at the start of this week, even though it's super dreary here in Charlotte and I haven't slept in days thanks to some restless legs and dance party that happens in my womb every night at 3am. 

Despite all that, Eric and I still had a fun and productive weekend. We finally picked up the baseboards needed for our downstairs, I hung out with the family I used to nanny for and took the dogs to meet their new whippet (!), and we of course watched lots of basketball (still love you heels). Here's what else interested me this week:

1. I'm all heart eyes for these "Fairytale Places" in NC. I also haven't been to many of them - so adding them to my bucket list asap!

2. I sent this to Eric as a joke, but now I'm actually thinking I need it for my future grams of baby and the dogs :) 

3. Old Navy is having a 40% off sale right now, and I used it to stock up on some warm weather maternity and nursing wear. I'm especially loving this top, which I feel like I'll keep wearing post-baby too. 

4. Anyone else feel like Duke Energy's coal ash situation is kept super quiet/not talked about enough? Post-Flint, the safety of our water is something that really scares me, and I hate reading things like this that are so close to home. 

5. Eric sent me this fun interactive site last week. I love the design and got a good laugh from it. 

6. I try to block out all things Trump, but just stumbled upon his daily diet and I can't tell if it's #fakenews or not. Twelve diet cokes?!

7. I splurged on this baby book with some bday money and it's so nice you guys! I can't wait to fill it out soon. 

8. As you can see from this post's image, I've switched my drawings this week from a Procreate sketch to gouache painting! Trying to get better and spend less time on screens. If anyone has any tips for painting with gouache - send them my way! I picked up a basic kit this weekend and have been loving it so far.