3/19 | Monday Diaries

Whew - the third trimester tiredness is REAL ya'll. Between not sleeping at night and fatigue during the day, I pretty much need a constant supply of cat naps and sugar. Also real? The nesting! We did some hardcore home project this weekend - everything from installing baseboards to cabinet doors to cleaning out closets. Not to mention 4 trips to Home Depot and a trip to Ikea. Whew! Here's a roundup of what else is going on/things I'm loving right now:

1. As you know, I help organize a quarterly tech conference, and FusionConf: UX Edition is this Friday! We'll be at the awesome Camp Northend again and you can grab tickets for the event here

2. My LAST Skillpop Illustrator Basics class before maternity leave is also coming up! If you've been wanting to learn Illustrator this year, now's your chance! Sign up here

3. I never realized countries exported their recycling until this article. Another reason why recycling isn't a great answer and you're not actually reducing waste. Really looking forward to focusing more on reducing our household waste a little more this year now!

4. I'm not a big fan of women-only coworking spaces, but I must admit I'm LOVING the look of this space

5. We rode the Charlotte light rail's new blue line this weekend! We are walking distance to one of the stops and have been patiently waiting for this thing to open since we moved in. Can't wait for lots of exploring Southend and University area now!

6. I loved this article by Danielle Evans about the start of her career. So often we see the other designers once they've already "made it", and compare ourselves to all the shiny highlights. So important to know that it's hard for everyone when they start out!

7. Eric and I took our first of many pre-baby classes at the hospital last week! Eric saw his first birthing video and we both had a few laughs learning some labor massage techniques. 

8. Anyone else's bracket completely busted after this weekend? I had UVA winning the entire thing - and oh, my poor Heels!