1/22 | Monday Diaries

1. I'm back at Skillpop tonight! There's still 3 seats left in my "Creating Social Media Images with Illustrator" class if you want to grab a last minute spot. 

1. We had our annual NC snow day last week! It's pretty rare that snow ever sticks here, but we got a good 4-5 inches, which I loved! The entire city shuts down and I find it a nice break to stay inside, cozy with the family. Most folks I know go crazy staying inside with the snow - but I swear I could stay in for weeks - ha! Of course we're now already back to 64 degress - typical NC. Here's a few pictures from our backyard before the snow melted. 

2. I also got a new car this weekend - woohoo! I wanted something higher up/safer for baby, so I traded up my lease for a Honda HRV. While the dealership experience was much better than when I went for my last car (we went to Honda of Concord if you are in Charlotte and looking btw) - the dealership experiences just takes SO LONG. Eric desperately needs a new car as well - so we are looking into doing Carvana since he'll be purchasing vs. leasing and we want to avoid going to another dealership. Anyone had a good experience using Carvana?  

3. Our neighborhood health food grocer Healthy Home Market (like a small version of Whole Foods), announced they were closing last week. I'm super sad I don't have a local spot to shop bulk anymore or get my smoothie fix :(

4. I have started planning out my baby shower (technically my sister is in charge, but I've got too many fun things in mind to now helicopter plan/decorate haha). I'm obsessed with this veggie garden themed shower where everything looks so natural and resuable!

5. As if I wasn't already obsessed with everything Anna Bond creates, her home has officially become my dream house

6. Confession: I've been paying for a Skillshare plan for years, but I have NEVER completed a class. I mostly use it as a reference for my own classes, but this year I want to start learning more. What are some of your favorite classes?